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Repertoire Busch Trio

Programme Suggestions for 2019-2020

Programme I: ‘Vienna’

Haydn Trio in A major Hob. XV:18
Beethoven Trio in B-flat Op.97 ‘Archduke’
Schubert Trio in E-flat Op.100

Haydn has been called the Father of the Symphony, of the String Quartet, and he can certainly be called the Father of the Piano Trio. His torchbearers in Vienna, Beethoven and Schubert, never met, despite living in the same city for nearly 31 years. Schubert lived in the shadow of Beethoven and it is not surprising why it took him so long until he “dared” to write his two piano trios - some 15 years after Beethoven had completed his majestic “Archduke” Trio. Schubert’s second trio in E flat could be regarded as the greatest thus eclipsing the trio written by the person he so admired.  They now rest equal side by side in Vienna.

 Programme II: Life of Adolf Busch

Schubert Sonatensatz in B-flat D.28
Busch Trio in A minor Op.15
Beethoven Trio in B-flat Op.97 ‘Archduke’

Adolf Busch was one of most legendary musicians of the 20th century, performing extensively as a soloist and chamber musician across Europe. As a composer he held on to the traditions that made him famous as a performer: a great champion of the music of Bach, Beethoven and Schubert. This programme celebrates him as a composer and as a musician through the repertoire he became synonymous with during his lifetime.

 Programme III: “Heritage”

Bernstein Trio (1937)
Charles Ives Trio S.86 (19
Dvorak Trio in E minor Op.90 ‘ Dumky’

Leonard Bernstein and Charles Ives, two of America’s greatest musicians, followed very different paths: Bernstein’s was of a life of fame and Ives’ was rather reclusive. However, both composers showed a strong interest in the folklore and sounds of their native country. In Bernstein’s trio one can hear the rhythmic strength and positive energy we have come to appreciate in his most famous ‘American’ work, West Side Story; Ives in turn combines several American folk songs into his trio. Dvorak’s famous ‘Dumky’ trio could be best described as a pure homage to his bohemian heritage. He performed his trio about 40 times right before heading to discover America himself – a stay that was to become so incredibly meaningful. A programme based on the composers’ search of their roots.

Programme IV: Idols and Inspiration

Rihm Fremde Szene I
Schumann Trio in F major Op.80
Takemitsu Between Tides
Brahms Trio in B major Op.8

Schumann and Brahms were close friends, an inspiration for and admirers of each other’s work. Their musical impact is strongly felt to this day, examined here through the work of two great 20th century composers, Takemitsu and Rihm. Both are vocal admirers of the German Romantics: Takemitsu always praised Brahms’s orchestration and sought a structured, but generous flow to his music; while Rihm is often quoting Schumann in his works and shares the impassioned and tormented quality of his music. Two old friends and masters serving as idols and inspiration for today’s generation.

Programme V: “Beethoven”

Beethoven Trio in B-flat Op.11
Beethoven Trio in E-flat Op70 no.2
Beethoven Trio in B-flat Op.97 ‘Archduke’

2020 will mark Beethoven’s 250th birthday and this programme presents three of his masterworks for piano trio. The Trio in B flat Op.11, “Gassenhauer”, was originally composed for clarinet, cello and piano, but the composer himself arranged the piece for a standard piano trio setting. The ‘Archduke’ Trio is probably his most famous and glorious, whereas the Op.70, no.2 is the most intriguing and personal of Beethoven’s trios.

2020 – Beethoven project

2020 - Beethoven-year
The Busch Trio offers a complete Beethoven cycle for the celebration of the Beethoven year 2020. Programmes available starting fall 2019 as a complete cycle of 3 (or 4) concerts or as separate programmes!

3 Concerts, ‘full evening’ programmes

Concert I
Klaviertrio Es-Dur op. 1 Nr. 1
Klaviertrio B-Dur op.11
Klaviertrio Es-Dur op. posth. WoO 38
Klaviertrio D-Dur op. 70 Nr. 1 „Geistertrio“

Concert II
14 Variationen Es-Dur op. 44
Klaviertrio c-Moll op. 1 Nr. 3
Allegretto für Klaviertrio B-Dur op. posth. WoO 39
Klaviertrio Es-Dur op. 70 Nr. 2

Concert III
Variationen über „Ich bin der Schneider Kakadu” op. 121a
Klaviertrio G-Dur op. 1 Nr. 2
Klaviertrio B-Dur op. 97 „Erzherzog“

4 Concerts, each programme 1hour

Programme 1
Klaviertrio Op.11
Klaviertrio B flat Posthumous WoO 39
Klaviertrio Op.70 no.1

Programme 2
Klaviertrio Posthumous E flat WoO 38
Klaviertrio Op.1 no. 2
Klaviertrio Variations Kakadu

Programme 3
Klaviertrio Op. 1 no.3
Klaviertrio Variations E flat
Klaviertrio Op.70 no.2

Programme 4
Klaviertrio Op.1 no.1
Klaviertrio Op.97