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Repertoire Busch Trio

Programme Suggestions

Programme 1
Trio élégiaque no. 1 14’
Charles Ives Piano Trio 25’
Tchaikovsky Piano Trio 45’

2023 marks the 150th birthday of Rachmaninov, with whose young Trio Élégiaque no. 1 we open the programme.  He wrote the work when he was only 18.  After this we travel to America, where Rachmaninov himself moved to.  According to Ives’ wife, his trio was a reflection of his studies at Yale University, and the work is full of musical quotes to American folk songs.  In the second half we will go back to Russia.  Tchaikovsky wrote his great and only piano trio after the death of Nicolai Rubinstein.  Chamber music doesn't get more symphonic than this !

Programme 2
Bridge Phantasie Trio in C minor 15'
Charles Ives Piano Trio 25’
Rachmaninov Trio élégiaque no. 2 48'

Frank Bridge’s wrote his trio as an entry for a competition (which he won), and Charles Ives’ trio describes his time at Yale University, filled with American folk songs and melodies.
In 2023, Rachmaninov will celebrate his 150th birthday.  After Tchaikovsky passed away, Rachmaninov wrote this piano trio, inspired by Tchaikovsky's own trio.  It is very similar in both structure and magnitude, even at his tender age (20) he wrote a masterpiece for piano trio. 

Programme 3
Liszt Tristia (arr. of Vallee d’oberman) 15'
Schumann Piano Trio no. 1 30'
Kurtag Ligature for Varga Bálint 4’ 
Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D minor 30’

Schumann wrote of Mendelssohn’s piano trio in E minor that he considers it as great a masterpiece as Beethoven’s Archduke Trio and Schubert’s Trio in E flat.  Perhaps that's why he used the same notes as Mendelssohn to write his turbulent 1st piano trio.  Liszt was born a year after Schumann and two years after Mendelssohn.  Liszt himself did not compose a piano trio, but a student of his (Edward Lassen) arranged this work for piano trio, and Liszt completed the arrangement himself.  The Hungarian link to the brilliant contemporary composer Kurtág shows us a totally different way of composing, but no less brilliant.

Programme 4
 Trio in B flat K.502 18'
Dvorak Trio no. 1 in B flat Op.21 30'
Schubert Trio in B flat Op.99 40’

The key of B flat major interpreted by three great composers. An expressive world of “joyful love, clear conscience, hope and striving for a better world” Christian Schubart, 1806

Programme 5
 Trio in C Major XV21 16'
Mendelssohn Trio in C minor Op. 66 30'
Rachmaninov Trio élégiaque no. 2 48’

Rachmaninov again to celebrate his 150th birthday.  His seldomly-played epic trio is an ode to Tchaikovsky, who died in the year of the composition.  As a big contrast in the first half a funny, enormously innovative (even today) trio by Haydn, with Mendelssohn's tumultuous piano trio in C minor next to it.