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Hanoigrapevine.com 4/03/2011 : Two grands, Two Grand Ladies
The Lafitte twins, Florence and Isabelle, gave us a tour de force performance on two grand pianos at the Opera House on Tuesday night. They played duets on one piano and duos on two grands.
Debussy’s ‘La Petite Suite’ - … It is demanding to play, although in the hands of these sisters it sounded so simple. From the first movement with the its sounds of ripples, eddies and whirlpools in water, through the exquisite and magical ‘Menuet’ third movement to the final, energetic Ballet section we couldn’t help but be entranced.
Then they shifted to two pianos for Isabelle’s transcription of Glazonov’s dramatic orchestral tone poem, ‘Stenke Razine’. And magnificent it was! Magnificent to hear and to watch. …This performance took my breath away.
The audience, understandably, wouldn’t let the pair go until they’d encored twice…first with a scintillating duet by Astor Piazzola and then Isabelle’s own foot tapping ‘Boogie’.
Brilliant evening from two brilliant ladies thanks to the ongoing brilliance of L’Espace and the French…..totally awesome and totally awesomely attired pianists.  Kiếm Van Tìm