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Crescendo Magazine 26/04/2018 : Un chef prometteur, un soliste de renom 
Quatrième Concerto pour piano de Beethoven - … Radu Lupu : l’on sait les années difficiles entachées par une santé précaire qu’il vient de traverser. Mais à partir d’un premier motif au tour énigmatique, il donne aujourd’hui l’impression de renouer avec un certain lustre, tant il s’ingénie à détailler chaque trait pour en clarifier la texture ….
… l’Andante et le Vivace final révèlent une poésie souvent douloureuse que lacèrent de véhéments tutti à l’arrachée. En bis, le pianiste offre un Schubert magnifique, celui de l’Impromptu en sol bémol majeur op.90 n.3, emporté par un souffle dramatique saisissant. Paul-André Demierre - Article

Bachtrack 29/05/2017 : Radu Lupu delivers assured performance at the Concertgebouw
…Commencing the evening's programme with a somewhat obscure set of Haydn Variations for keyboard in F minor, the scene was set. Very few pianists, even at this top level, possess such an extraordinary command of the instrument's dynamics. For even the most pianissimo of pianissimos, Lupu seemed able to reduce the decibels to such a level of delicacy as to be almost indiscernible. The attention of the audience was help rapt, not even the dropping of a pin was to be heard! The sounds emanating from the piano were meditative in feel, spell-binding in execution.
Schumann's Fantasy in C major was given ample space in which to breathe, highlighting new textures and bringing fresh perspectives to its unique narrative. … Lupu admirably gave prominence to the inner melodies where most pianists would yield to temptation and bludgeon their way through. His is a truly unique voice.
… This was piano playing of the highest order: Lupu, a relic of a golden generation, professionally trained in the Russian pianistic tradition; I feel extremely privileged to have witnessed a master at work.  Aaron Davies - Full article

Masslive.com 21/04/2017 : Boston Symphony Orchestra shines in all-Mozart program – Radu Lupu
…Listening to Lupu play Mozart's piano concerto, I was constantly struck by his light, sensitive touch. Often, his fingers seemed to barely graze the keys and produce the warmest, richest sounds. 
During the first movement in particular, Lupu's tender approach to Mozart's music-box-like composition had a lighter-than-air quality. …I was also moved by the way Lupu often looked around and watched the other musicians with genuine interest when he wasn't playing. That might explain why Lupu and the orchestra sounded so great together. They seemed so attentive to each other and it showed throughout the piece, which had just the right pace and warm tone throughout. Ken Ross - Full article

Concertclassic 1/03/2016: Radu Lupu, Paavo Järvi et l’Orchestre de Paris – Onirisme et jaillissement
« Beethoven ça ne se joue pas, ça se réinvente », dit un jour Anton Rubinstein au tout jeune Alfred Cortot ... C’est bien le parti qu’a choisi de prendre Radu Lupu dans le 3èmeConcerto. Réinventer Beethoven ?  En le rêvant : dès l’entrée du piano, on est saisi par une dimension très onirique, une atténuation délibérée des attaques, de la dimension « con brio », au profit d’un jeu essentiellement appuyé sur les couleurs, sur les teintes plutôt. Quelques puristes s’étranglent sans doute - chacun son rôle -, mais comment ne pas être admiratif de l’art avec lequel l’interprète assume pleinement ses choix, du prisme poétique à travers lequel il a décidé de restituer l’Op. 37 ? La baguette attentive de Järvi l’y aide beaucoup il est vrai, toujours à l’écoute, faisant corps avec la moindre inflexion de son discours. Merveille d’échange, de complicité rêveuse, le Largo conduit à un Rondo tendre et délicieusement goguenard. - Alain Cochard - Full article

Seenandheard-international.com 5/02/2016: Peerless Mozart from Radu Lupu and Kremerata Baltica
Mozart – Piano Concerto no.27 in B-flat major, KV 595 - Lupu ornamented his line from his first entry, but it never sounded anything other than ‘natural’. And what a touch he has, having one feel humane depth as well as melodic delights. Lupu showed how his playing can twinkle without sacrifice to the harmonic implications of Mozart’s score. …. That major-minor oscillation sounded, and yes felt, truly heartbreaking. I do not think I have heard the piano line sound so simple and yet so inimitable as here: as close, it seemed, to unmediated Mozart as one would ever hear. …Every note in Lupu’s part sounded both properly weighted and yet integrated into the longer line.
Mozart – Piano Concerto no.23 in A major, KV 488- … Lupu sounded much as before, which is not in any sense intended to convey a lack of enthusiasm, simply to indicate that I am in danger of running out of superlatives….. This was a delight from beginning to end. - Mark Berry - Full article

The Guardian 27/11/2014 : Radu Lupu – radiant, inward and bewitching
Radu Lupu, a rare fixture on the UK concert trail, again proved himself one of the great pianists of our time. …Lupu found poetry in all of them, even in the brusqueness of Beethoven’s eight-bar chaconne-like theme, and reserved a special moment of lingering wonder for the last slow variation in Mozart’s scheme. But it was the Schubert sonata, presented as a seamless sequence with no movement breaks, that contained the most inward and radiant playing. …there is no other pianist today who can colour Schubert’s harmonies as bewitchingly as Lupu does, making the closing bars of the sonata’s slow movement seem so radiant, and its bass lines move so eloquently. Such moments were pianistic magic.- Andrew Clements