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Orchestra repertoire

I. RECITAL 2022/2023

I. Solo Programme 1

J.S. Bach: Partita no. 3 BWV 1006
E. Ysaye : Sonate no. 2 ‘Les Furies’
B. Bartok : Sonata for Violin Solo

II. Solo Programme 2 : Full Bach
J.S. Bach: Partita no. 3 BWV 1006
J.S. Bach : Sonata no. 1 BWV 1001
J.S. Bach : Partita no. 1 BWV 1002

III. Programme All 10 Beethoven Sonatas with Philippe Ivanov
These sonatas can be bundled into a series of 3 concerts :
Concert I Sonatas 1, 2, 3 & 4
Concert II Sonatas 5, 6 & 7
Concert III Sonatas 8, 9 & 10 – or the artists can suggest a selection for one concert

IV. Celebration-recital
F. Mendelssohn       Sonate ( (175th anniversary of his death)
J. Brahms                 Sonate no. 2 or no. 3 (125th anniversary of his death)
C. Franck                 Sonate ( 200th anniversary of his birth)

V. The history of Belgian Sonatas
C. Franck                 Sonata in A major ( 2022 is César Franck year !)
E. Ysaÿe                   Sonate nr. 5 in G major
R. D'haene               Sonata per violino e pianoforte

VI. Programme All Brahms violin sonatas
J. Brahms     Sonata for violin & piano no.1, op.78 in G major, "Regensonate" 
J. Brahms     Sonata for violin & piano no.2, op.100 in A major 
J. Brahms     Sonata for violin & piano no.3, op.108 in d minor

More possibilities/suggestions to explore
J. Brahms     Piano Quartet Nr 1 Op 25 – f.e. with Philippe Ivanov/Victor-Julien Laferrière
J. Brahms     Piano Quartet Nr 3 Op 60 – f.e.with Philippe Ivanov/Victor-Julien Laferrière

VII. Programme violin and organ ( 60-70 no intermission with organist Eugeniusz Wawrizniak)
T.A. Vitali                  Chaconne
G. Tartini                  Devil’s Trill Sonata
D. Buxtehude           Chorales for organ solo
J.S. Bach                 Prélude, Sarabande & Gigue from Partita nr 3 BWV 1006
E. Ysaÿe                  Sonata for violin solo no. 2 “ Obsession”
J.S. Bach                 Concerto for violin & b.c. in A minor BWV 1041



For 2022/2023 focus will be on following concerti

Brahms                    Double concerto (with Victor Julien- Laferrière)
Bottesini                  Grand duo Concertant (with Wies de Boevé) 
Mendelssohn          Double Concerto with Philippe Ivanov/David Kadouch
                                 (2022 is the 175th anniversary of his death)
Stravinsky               Concerto in D
Tchaikovsky           Concerto D major op. 35
Ysaye                       Rediscovered concerto (which has been recorded by Yossif Ivanov) +
Chausson               Poème

Orchestra repertoire
(also possible after consultation)
Bach - Concerto A minor n°1 BWV 1041/ Double concerto D minor BWV 1043
Barber - Concerto                                           
Bartok - Concerto no. 2, SZ 112    
Beethoven - Concerto D Major op. 61
Beethoven - Romance n°1, in G Major, op. 40
Beethoven - Romance n°2 in F Major op.50 
Bruch - Concerto G minor n°1 op. 26
Chausson - Poème in E flat major for violin and piano op. 25                
Dvorak - Concerto for violin and orchestra op. 53 A minor
D'Haene - Concerto
Glazunov - Concerto A minor op. 82  
Lalo - Symphonie Espagnole
Maldonado - Obscuro Etiamtum Lumine
Mendelssohn - Concerto E minor op. 64
Mozart - Concerto No 1, B-flat major, KV 207
Mozart - Concerto No 3, G Major, KV 216
Mozart - Concerto No 4, D Major, KV 218
Mozart - Rondo C Major, KV 373
Paganini - Concerto n°1 D Major
Prokofiev - Concerto n°1 D major op. 19/ Concerto n° 2 in g minor op 63
Ravel  - "Tzigane" for violin and orchestra
Rogister - Concerto for violin and orchestra
Saint-Saëns  - Concerto n°3, B minor, op. 61
Saint-Saëns  - Havanaise in E Major op. 83
Saint-Saëns  - Introduction et Rondo capriccioso op. 28
Shostakovich  - Concerto n°1, A minor, op. 99
Sibelius - Concerto D minor op. 47
Tartini : Devils Trill Sonata (with chamber orchestra)
Tchaikovsky - Concerto D major op. 35
Tchaikovsky - Souvenir d'un lieu cher op. 42 (orchestration A. Glazunov)
Tchaikovsky - Waltz Scherzo in C Major op. 34
Vitali - Chaconne (with chamber orchestra)
Wieniawsky - Concerto N°2, D minor, op. 22