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Latest NEWS - May 2019
New recordings and more from some of our artists:



ICMA 2019 – The winners are…

Fifty years ago, Nelson Freire recorded Brahms’ third piano sonata for the first time. Recently, he undertook a remarkable digital remake, brought to life with breathtaking accuracy. The two recordings document and frame the outstanding life’s achievement of this pianist, who always impresses with his artistic seriousness and depth.

danish string quartet

Congratulations to the DANISH STRING QUARTET  who have just been chosen as the winners of the Classical Post Awards in the Most Innovative Instrumentalists category.


Proud to share this article about ANNELEEN LENAERTS in the NY Times !


novus string quartet

Coming soon: The new album from the NOVUS STRING QUARTET.
In the Benelux, you can hear them live next month in Turnhout on 12/FEB, Leut on 13/FEB and Haarlem on 22/FEB - keep an eye on our events page.

quatuor ebene

Crescendo Magazine  4/12/2018: Les honneurs pour le Quatuor Ebène

The Strad 27/11/2018: The French string quartet receives €15,000 industry prize awarded during the annual Musikmesse - … With a repertoire ranging from classic works to interpretations of well-known film soundtracks and pop songs, it has gained a reputation for attracting a younger audience and has won numerous international prizes, including the BBC Music Magazine Award, the Gramophone Award, the Midem Classic Award and various ECHO Klassik awards. …‘The Trustees of the Frankfurt Music Prize acclaim Quatuor Ébène as an outstanding ensemble whose electrifying playing is characterised by passion, complete fidelity to the original works and a simultaneous delight in improvisation,’ the citation reads.


On 14 September 2018, the world-famous Fauré Quartett will release its latest album on Berlin Classics:
"Pictures at an Exhibition" - a world premiere of the recording as a version for a piano quartet.
The exciting history of the Pictures at an Exhibition and Études-Tableaux from piano solo to orchestral works culminates in the phenomenal diversity of sounds of the Fauré Quartett. As if bringing out the best of a solo piano and a large orchestra, the Fauré Quartett, located in between those two extremes, seems to achieve the best of both worlds. With their love of experimentation the four astonishing musicians call the most important stages their home. The internationally renowned Fauré Quartett is releasing the world’s first-ever recording of Pictures at an Exhibition and Etudes-Tableaux in their versions for piano quartet on the Berlin Classics label.


New recording of Quatuor Cambini-Paris. Some beautiful reviews have been published and ready to read.


Classica Avril 2018 : Idylles baroques - La luxuriance des instruments de Scherzi Musicali se marie avec bonheur à la justesse des solistes dans ces dialogues amoureux - Après un premier opus consacré aux motels, I'ensemble Scherzi Musicali explore à présent le versant profane de Giovanni Felice Sances, … D'autant que l'instrumentarium ici réuni brille par sa luxuriance et son hédonisme sonore, parfaitement assorti à la sensualité de l'écriture vocale: aux traditionnels clavecin, orgue et archiluth se joignent triple harpe, chitarrone, guitare et épinette.

Diapason Découverte Mars 2018 - …Nicolas Achten se distingue une nouvelle fois par son talent caméléon de multi-instrumentiste (harpe chitarrone et clavecin) et de baryton. Il s'est entouré d'un opulent ensemble de continuistes avec violes, lirone, chitarone, luth, archiluth, guitare et claviers divers. L'accompagnement de ces miniatures dramatiques se voit empli de colorations variées, contrastées et toujours bienvenues.