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quatuor zaida  
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Quatuor Zaïde plays the 2nd movement of the Debusssy quartet - Salle Adagio at Thionville/France
  © Jérémie Sangare
Charlotte Maclet , violin
Leslie Boulin-Raulet, violin
Sarah Chenaf, viola
Juliette Salmona, cello

The Zaïde Quartet, a rare all-female quartet, has established itself as one of the leading chamber music ensembles in France and internationally.

Winners of numerous international competitions (ARD, Beijing International Music competition, Charles Hennen, Banff, Bordeaux, Haydn...), the four musicians are regularly invited to perform in the most prestigious concert halls: Wigmore Hall of London, Berlin, Cologne and Paris Philharmonie, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Théâtre des Champs-Elysees, Konserthuset in Stockholm, Musikverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna, Jordan Hall in Boston, Merkin Hall in New York, Corea, Brésil, Hong Kong...

They learned from the best quartet Masters : Hatto Beyerle, Eberhard Felt and Johannes Meissl in their early days and later from Gábor Takács-Nagy, Gordan Nicoli? and Goran Gribajecvic.

After being entrusted with the artistic direction of the "Luberon International String Quartet Festival" for three years, they have now created since 2021, the "International String Quartet Academy", "ISQA" , an essential platform, where international quartets of all generations, from Masters to pre-professionals can exchange ideas and imagine new ways of approaching their discipline.

Over the years, the Zaïde Quartet has forged close friendly and artistic ties with different composers.
They created the 2nd string quartet of Francesca Verunelli. The quartet has also collaborated with the composer Cécile Buchet for the musical tale for quartet and narrator "Grande Bouche aux mille notes" and her string quartet "Les quatre éléments". They also collaborated with Bryce Dessner, whose quartet "Impermanence" was premiered at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in 2021 and Suzanne Giraud with her string quartet "Impulse".

They also have a special relationship with the NoMadMusic label and its artistic director Hannelore Guittet, who have been with them since their first recording project, and with whom they have signed their 7th album.

The quartet makes a point of not limiting itself to a specific repertoire, convinced that the music of the yesterday sheds light on the present and that one cannot understand music from the past without living in today's.

They play with prestigious partners, most recently with clarinettist Pierre Genisson, cellist Camille Thomas, pianists Lise de La Salle and Martha Argerich. They are currently touring with the singer Théophile Alexandre in the show No(s) Dames, a lively tribute to opera heroines.

The four artists are also keen to meet other styles of music, having collaborated in recent years with the great names of jazz : Marion Rampal, Gilles Apap, Michel Portal, Yaron Herman, and Pierre-François Blanchard.

While preserving and defending the notions of rhetoric, articulation and polarity in music that were passed on to them by the famous quartet Masters, the four musicians of the Zaïde Quartet propose interpretations inspired by their "imaginary laboratory" : the relationship between sound and the body, the meditation, the Qi Gong, and the art of peaceful communication.

Since 2020, the Zaide Quartet is an "associated artist" of the Singer-Polignac Foundation.

Charlotte Maclet plays a J.-B. Vuillaume violin on loan from the Fondation Zilber Vatelot Rampal ;
Leslie Boulin Raulet plays a Jacques Bocquet violin ;
Sarah Chenaf plays an anonymous 17th century Italian harlequin viola ;
Juliette Salmona plays a cello by Claude-Augustin Miremont.



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