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Repertoire Ensemble MASQUES

Programmes 2025/2026

I. The Golden Hour - Grace, audacity and invention
French virtuoso music for violin, viola and continuo

Cast :
Lucile Boulanger - bass viol
Simon Pierre - violin
Olivier Fortin - harpsichord

II. Musical Treasures
Sonatas, suites and ground

Cast :
Mélisande Corriveau - gamba
Miguel Bonal - gamba
Olivier Fortin – harpsichord

III. Bach transcriptions
Cast :
Julien Martin - recorder
Miguel Bonal Asensio - gamba
Olivier Fortin – harpsichord

IV. Rameau : Harpsichord pieces in concert
Sophie Gent - violin
Anna Besson - traverso
Mélisande Corriveau - bass viol
Olivier Fortin – harpsichord

V. Concerti ! Release CD in 2025 !
Concertos of Bach and Telemann for violin and alto


 J.S. Bach - Concerto for violin in a minor BWV 1041
T. Albinoni - Sinfonia a cinque no. 3 in a major (Op.2)
G.P. Telemann - Concerto for viola TWV 51 : G9
T. Albinoni - Sinfonia a cinque no. 1 in g major (Op.2)
J.S. Bach - concerto pour violon en e major BWV 1042

Cast : 8 Musicians
Sophie Gent, violin
Kathleen Kajioka, viola
Ensemble Masques

VI. Rameau’s Dance
Suite of instrumental music by J.P. Rameau, based on the “Indes Galantes”, “Hippolyte et Aricie” and “Dardanus”
2 recorders
2 oboes
1 bassoon
2 violins
2 violas
1 cello
1 double bass
1 harpsichord

VII. Venus & Adonis of John Blow (1 hour) -  f.e. coupled with some instrumental pieces
“A Masque for the Entertainment of the King”

Cast :
9 singers (including soloists)
9 instrumentalists

VIII. Händel : Acis & Galatea
Cannons Version, 1718

Cast :
6 singers & 7 instrumentalists
Technical info 1 harpsichord a = 415

From early 2025 onwards
IX. Pigmalion de Jean-Philippe Rameau
( an opera in the form of a one-act acte de ballet) Completed with Suites by Rameau
16 instrumentalists
4 soloists
2 singers

X. The Art of Fugue - Possibly in combination with works of Arvo Pärt
2 violins
1 alto
1 cello
2 harpsichords
Also possible with 3 or 4 dancers

From 2026

XI. Henry Purcell – Dido & Aeneas


More information about their programmes for 2025/2026 can be found on their website.