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Concertonet 1/10/2017: Peau neuve
….Yossif Ivanov et Ion Marin saisissent parfaitement l’esprit du Concerto pour violon (1931) de Stravinski. Grâce à des tempi et une dynamique quasiment irréprochables, les quatre mouvements se déroulent avec naturel et vitalité. Le violoniste et le chef restituent le contenu expressif de cette œuvre ciselée avec pertinence et simplicité et mettent en valeur la netteté de l’écriture,… Ivanov illustre encore son agilité et la beauté de sa sonorité dans une Etude-Capricede Wieniawski de grande classe.
Sébastien Foucart - Article

Resmusica 22/03/2016: Yossif Ivanov & Christian Lindberg & Royal Flemish Philharmonic
Yossif Ivanov was the soloist in this evening’s performance of Sibelius’ Violin Concerto. Ivanov’s opening line benefitted from his nuanced use of vibrato and pure tone. Ivanov also paid extra attention to dynamics in the first movement’s extended cadenzas. His warm and burnished tone was used effectively in the yearning second movement, while special care was given in articulating each note in the final movement’s treacherous ascending runs. - Derek Ho - Full article

La Libre belgique 19/01/2016: Yossif Ivanov & Orchestre Nationel de Belgique
Face au chef norgégien Aadland, Ivanov tente la légèreté.
Concerto op. 64 de Mendelssohn… Yossif Ivanov, ce dernier proposant des sonorités fines et lumineuses, et d’élégants phrasés, ouvrant le dialogue avec l’orchestre …. Paganini, donné en bis, permit au jeune violoniste de quitter le plateau en beauté. - MDM

Bachtrack, March 2015: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, David Hill. Bruch.
“Max Bruch started work on his Violin Concerto no. 1 in G minor in 1857 but it was not completed until ten years later. Written for the great violinist, Joseph Joachim, it is rich, romantic music, full of passion and beauty. This was perfectly captured by superb playing from Yossif Ivanov. After a stirring introduction, Ivanov gave a truly virtuosic performance, full of warmth with a gorgeously rich tone from his Stradivarius. His consummate mastery continued in the exquisitely beautiful Adagio which was played with heartfelt passion, while Hill provided direction which ensured the lightest and most delicate support by the orchestra. The Allegro energico fully lived up to its name with the movement being taken at an exhilarating pace, rigorously controlled by Hill. This was a truly enthralling and memorable performance a much-loved work.” - Phil Smith

Seen and Heard International, March 2015
The Bruch was played by the young and tirelessly confident Yossif Ivanov. He may be recognised by you from his Ambroisie CDs (review) but is, I think, less known for his concert activity. On this evidence we have been missing out. Ivanov’s way – and for that matter Hill’s – with the much exposed Bruch is one that leans on the poetic but not to the exclusion of lively engagement. Certainly his tone is neither harsh nor flashy even in the delightful moments of singing virtuosity in which this ‘warhorse’ abounds. All in all this reminded me what a heart-charming work this is and why it has made it into the same sphere as the Mendelssohn and the Tchaikovsky. As a brief encore Ivanov gave us the sinister and spectacular Sonata No. 2 (The Furies) by Ysaye. Well done for a ‘game’ choice. - Rob Barnett

Bietigheimer Zeitung 22/3/14: Jenaer Philharmoniker & Yossif Ivanov
Brahms Violinkonzert
- … Yossif Ivanov ist ein überaus impulsiver Könner auf seinem Instrument, der die zum Teil höchst anspruchsvollen Solopartien in den drei Sätzen mit jugendfrischem Elan und getragen vom Einfühlungsvermögen für das Wesen der Musik des die sinfonische Pracht in seinen Orchesterwerken liebenden Spätromantikers Brahms mit großer Intensität und perfekter Spieltechnik ausführte. ….Es war atemberaubend, mit welcher Meisterschaft Yossif Ivanov beispielsweise die lang ausholende Kadenz am Ende des ersten Satzes ausführte. ... Yossif Ivanov erhielt tosenden Applaus, durchzogen von lauten Bravorufen, und bedankte sich dafür mit der Aufführung eines seine Virtuosität erneut herausfordernden Werks eines französischen Komponisten als Zugabe. - Rudolf Wesner

Göttinger Tageblatt 11/11/2013: Yossif Ivanov & das Göttinger Symphonie- Orchester & Stefan Sanderling
Eduard Lalo “Symphonie espagnole” -...Dementsprechend ist der Solopart gespickt mit höchsten technischen Schwierigkeiten – die aber für den Solisten Yossif Ivanov keinerlei unüberwindliche Hürden darstellten. Mit sprühendem Temperament gestaltete er diese Musik, nutzte die wunderbar sonor klingenden tiefen Lagen seiner Stradivari weidlich aus, gelangte mühelos bis in schwindelnde Höhen, ließ Finger und Bogen wirblen dass es eine reine Lust war. Für sein mitreißende Spiel erntete er vom Publikum im Saal ebenso wie von den Orchestermusikern auf dem Podium latustarke Ovationen  - Michael Schäfer

Yossif Ivanov & Hong Kong Sinfonietta, French May Festival June 2013
Hong Kong Economic Journal 2/07/2013
…His phrasings were clean and clear, especially in the second half of Ravel, his left hand was strong and fiery. He displayed very good dynamics and spirit, bringing the audience a full-mark showcase. - Chan Ka-kui

Ta Kung Pao  13/07/2013
 …Yossif Ivanov bought in Chausson’s Poeme steadily, with no lack of emotion. Every vibrato and high notes could draw your heartstrings. His tone colour was rich and substantial, uncommonly vivid playing of Ivanov. …Ivanov displayed the freedom and verve of the gypsies. He played with much virtuosity and attack... Full of power of expression and never over the top. - Matthew Cheng

Asia Weekly  July 2013
…Ivanov kept a stable tempo, strong down-bow, and very virtuosic playing in the cadenza. … He showed different lightning-fast and expert techniques, with splendid dynamics and the way he tackled the harmonics was very good. - Oliver Chou

www.oregonmusicnews.com 17/10/2012: Dutilleux violin concerto shines in Oregon Symphony concert
Guest artist Yossif Ivanov and the Oregon Symphony made Henri Dutilleux’s first violin concerto shine at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. …Ivanov’s sound was always elegant and never forceful or edgy. His highest notes had a beautiful sheen as did the series of sliding ones that came during the first part of the piece. A wistful duet between Ivanov and principal oboist Karen Wagner who played the oboe d’amore was absolutely exquisite. - James Bash

www.oregonlive.com 14/10/2012 : Youth rules the Oregon Symphony performance this weekend - Henri Dutilleux's violin concerto "Tree of Dreams,"
…It was a masterful performance from conductor, soloist and orchestra… Ivanov played effortlessly and with beautifully pure tone through thorny phrases full of multiple stops and rapid figures, all the while giving a sense that he'd thoroughly wrapped his mind around the abstruse music. Under Shokhakimov's incisive direction, exchanges between soloist and orchestra, key to making sense of the piece, were tight and focused. - James McQuillen

www.birminghampost.net 5/10/2012: CBSO/Weller & Yossif Ivanov at Symphony Hall
Max Bruch G minor Violin Concerto was the centrepiece of this evening’s concert…. Yossif Ivanov was soloist, an awesome young talent for whom display is anathema, and who relies instead on the instinctive musicality which draws such elegantly communicative tone from his diminutive on-loan 1699 Stradivarius. Attack here was subtle, singing lines were rich but never cloying, and there was a gipsy-like pride in the multiple-stopping which colours the finale. - Christopher Morley

The Citizen 27/092012: It was pure velvet
I CAN'T believe my luck. All the concerts I've reviewed this month have been real winners – not least this performance by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the veteran Viennese conductor Walter Weller. …The romantic tone of the evening continued with Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 in which Yossif Ivanov was soloist. This 25-year-old electrified the audience with playing of great lyricism and depth. His violin sang out in the heartfelt melody of the slow movement and he exhibited strong rapport with the orchestra in the exuberant finale. Ivanov followed this with a performance of the Third Sonata for solo violin (Ballade) by fellow Belgian Ysaÿe. His remarkable virtuosity and musicianship dazzled the audience in this compelling work; at times it sounded as if three violins were playing at once. - Roger Jones

www.bachtrack.com 19/09/2012: Infectious Tchaikovsky and Bruch with Yossif Ivanov and the CBSO.
 Bruch’s Violin Concerto  - …Yossif Ivanov’s 1699 “Lady Tennant” Stradivarius seemed to be an extension of his body, so at one was he with the music. ...This opening Allegro moderato movement evokes an atmosphere of improvisation, and it was captivating to witness Ivanov’s variations in tempo after a tantalisingly slow introduction. While the solo violin made a thorough exploration of anything and everything to do with G minor, the orchestra quietly supported in the background, then they were given their moment in the spotlight and responded with joyful vigour. …Once again, I was smitten by Ivanov’s control of the long notes, which materialised apparently from nowhere and threatened to go way beyond what the length of a bow would legitimately allow. Then came the wonderfully contrasting Finale, with the dancing Hungarian sprung rhythms and double-stopped chords, during which one couldn’t help but smile. For me, this movement had the edge, as it was at this point that soloist and conductor displayed the closest rapport, stepping up the intensity of this stunning music. - Katherine Dixson

www.klassiek-centraal.be 17/04/2012 :  Yossif Ivanov en de Belgische Kamerfilharmonie
Beethovens vioolconcerto - … Het vioolspel van Yossif Ivanov was ragfijn, genereus en technisch nagenoeg perfect. De talrijke ornamenten in Beethovens schriftuur zijn bij Ivanov geen banale versiersels, maar doorleefde improvisaties waarmee de rijke klankkleur van de viool kan worden geïllustreerd. Als toemaatje werd nog een capriccio (nummer 14) van Nicolò Paganini ten gehore gebracht die de solist toeliet om, veel meer nog dan in het concerto, zijn grote virtuositeit te etaleren. Enkele leden van het orkest keken met stijgende verbazing en ingehouden adem toe. - Tim De Backer

www.nola.com 14/01/2012 : Yossif Ivanov &Louisiana Philharmonic and Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor
Mozart's Violin Concerto No.5 - …Guest violinist Yossif Ivanov soared as soloist in the “Turkish” concerto, nimbly dancing through the translucent orchestral textures and highlighting the Romantic double stops of cadenzas penned by 19th century virtuoso Joseph Joachim. Called back for an encore, the 24-year-old star transcended mere pyrotechnics to unveil the complex inner architecture of Paganini’s Caprice No.13. - Chris Waddington

www.fanfaremag.com 8/09/2011 : VIEUXTEMPS Violin Concertos
…Like the Fourth Concerto, the Fifth has had a number of recent champions, beginning with Heifetz, who recorded it twice, the first version as authoritative a performance as the concerto might have received from its composer. Grumiaux recorded it with Rosenthal in 1963. …Yossif Ivanov plays with a commanding brilliance and never seems to be looking over his shoulder (in this company, who would dare?). He doesn’t need to. Everything’s technically crisp (especially staccatos) and extrovertedly rhetorical (the slow movement’s a good example). Arpeggios roll darkly (can this be what Nathan Milstein referred to as his own “Black Sea technique”?). Here’s a performance that stands almost head and shoulders with the most illustrious.- Robert Maxham

www.classiqueinfo.com 13/08/2011: Classissimo 2011 : Le concert d’ouverture par Yossif Ivanov et Luc Devos
Mozart Sonate KV301 - …dans une interprétation distinguée et pleine de charme. Le due manifeste une belle qualité d’écoute mutuelle, et trouve tout naturellement son équilibre, l’un ne cherchant pas à prendre le pas sur l’autre. Ils soulignent judicieusement le contraste entre les deux thèmes principaux, le violon aux attaques douces mais fermes et aux sonorités de miel privilégiant la mélodie du premier, alors que le piano très énergique s’empare du second thème, très rythmique. Tous deux montrent une belle articulation, franche et nette, et font preuve dans le deuxième et déjà dernier mouvement, d’une allégresse réjouissante.
Sonate « Le Printemps » de Beethoven - ….l’agilité du clavier répond remarquablement à un violon pur et intrépide, aux attaques subtiles, et qui ose par moments de délicieux rubatos. Le dialogue reste d’une remarquable densité dans l’Adagio, où Yossif Ivanov sait être expressif et caressant tout en restant léger,
Sonate de Ravel. Le duo Ivanov-Devos en donne une version pure et charmeuse, très élégante, …un Blues subtil, et un final perpetuum mobile qui est toujours un tour de force pour le violoniste qui doit soutenir la cadence et conserver une articulation parfaite. C’est le cas ici, Ivanov réalisant des prodiges de contrôle et de virtuosité. Il fait également parler toute sa classe dans l’Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso de Saint-Saëns en clôture de ce programme, qui met ostensiblement le violon en valeur, et qu’il traite pourtant avec beaucoup de sérieux, sachant s’affranchir des effets virtuoses pour en offrir une version sensible et lyrique. - Richard Letawe