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Reviews CHRISTIAN LINDBERG - conductor

Klassik-begeistert 12/06/2018 : Christian Lindberg dirigiert meisterhaft im Wiener Musikverein
Welch ein Konzert! …Christian Lindberg ist ein charismatischer Dirigent. …Christian Lindberg ist Spezialist für die Werke von Allan Pettersson (1911-1980). Kein Wunder also, dass er für den Auftritt im Musikverein eine seiner Symphonien präsentiert….Stürmischer Applaus belohnt das grandiose Orchester mit seinem energiegeladenen Dirigenten. Mehrmals muss Lindberg vor das Publikum treten und sich verbeugen. …Mirjana Plath - Review in full

Musicweb-international.com 6/06/2018: CD Steppenwolf
Christian Lindberg started out as a trombonist, but is now a high flyer both as a conductor and composer.
Steppenwolf is a concerto for viola and orchestra, and a very impressive work indeed. … Lindberg explores not only the virtuoso skills of the performer, but also the “melancholic and deep qualities” inherent in the instrument itself. Conventional in its three movement structure, there is a great deal of expressive power communicated here, with gorgeous orchestral sonorities and a romantic feel to the melodic shaping and harmonic support. … This is a fine work that you will certainly want to hear more than once. this is a very approachable and enjoyable programme of some excellent new orchestral music, superbly performed and recorded, and highly recommendable to all.    Dominy Clements - Review in full

The High Arts Review 14/05/2018: Christian Lindberg, Steppenwolf
It’s no surprise that this disc is immediately accessible and a joy to listen to. Lindberg’s own compositions have always been a rewarding experience, not only focusing on technique (as many contemporary works do) but on melodic lines and memorable tunes
Both of the above pieces  (Tales of Galamanta & Peking Twilight ) are finely crafted tone poems, worthy of repeating listening. But as interesting and original these works might be, the main attraction of the album is Steppenwolf, the Viola Concerto. Cast in three movements its themes are instantly recognisable. … The composer says the piece is “is all about loneliness, compassion and the fight for life — like a sad wolf trying to wash away the feeling of separation.” I’d say that he has managed to capture just that: the struggle for life, the initial hesitation, the dialogue between fear and daring, the glorious glimpses of love and success.
It is a lyrical composition, both moving and uplifting at the same time. While the viola part should be a joy for any soloist to perform, …Three life affirming pieces, full of exotic rhythms and delightful themes, bound to please the ear, without being light music but complex compositions from a prominent contemporary composer. The Viola Concerto alone deserves wider recognition and a place in the concerto repertoire.   T. A. Konsgaard - Review in full

Resmusica 20/04/2018: Christian Lindberg in Allan Pettersson’s Symphonies No. 5 and 7
A l’instar des autres interprétations de cette série, Christian Lindberg fait ressortir chaque détail et chaque couleur de la Symphonie n° 7 d’Allan Pettersson tout en conservant un contrôle total sur la structure globale de l’œuvre.
…Compte tenu de la profonde familiarité que Lindberg et le SON entretiennent avec l’idiome de Pettersson, il n’est pas surprenant que cet enregistrement soit la nouvelle référence de cette oeuvre. Lindberg évite de se livrer à des extrêmes d’expression et adopte plutôt une approche mesurée et équilibrée, avec son attention méticuleuse habituelle aux détails orchestraux et sa maîtrise technique. Lindberg a également une bonne compréhension de l’architecture à grande échelle de la symphonie, ce qui est particulièrement important ici car Pettersson prend son temps pour en construire les deux points culminants.
Pettersson Symphonie n° 5, Lindberg adopte une approche très équilibrée, poussant peut-être à l’extrême le concept cher à Pettersson de musique comme «pure information». Malgré la nature chargée d’émotion de cette musique, la conception de Lindberg donne toujours l’impression que le compositeur exprime magistralement son métier plutôt que de simplement donner une catharsis sonore à sa douleur et à son isolement. Comme les autres versions de cette série, Lindberg expose chaque détail et chaque couleur tout en conservant un contrôle total sur la structure globale de l’œuvre. Derek Ho – Review in full
Translation by Christophe Le Toquin
Like other releases in this series, Lindberg exposes every detail and every colour in Pettersson’s Symphony No. 7 while maintaining total control over the work’s overall structure.
…Given the deep familiarity that Lindberg and the SON have with Pettersson’s idiom, it should come as no surprise that the present performance is the new reference of this work. Lindberg avoids indulging in the work’s extremes of expression and instead takes a measured and balanced approach, with his usual fastidious attention to orchestrational detail and technical confidence. Lindberg also has a clear grasp of the work’s large-scale architecture, which is particularly important here as Pettersson takes his time in building up to the work’s two major climaxes.
Pettersson Symphony No. 5, Lindberg also takes a very balanced approach here, perhaps pushing the concept of “pure information” to an extreme. Despite the emotionally charged nature of this music, Lindberg’s conception always gives the impression of Pettersson masterfully expressing his craft as opposed to simply giving aural catharsis to his pain and isolation. Like other releases in this series, Lindberg exposes every detail and every colour while maintaining total control over the work’s overall structure.  Derek Ho – Review in full

Music-Web International 7/03/2018 : CD Bernstein
I was a little surprised to see Christian Lindberg leading the RLPO in this timely tribute. I tend to associate him with more 'serious' repertoire – his fine Pettersson cycle and Tchaikovsky Fourth spring to mind – but he's also a terrific trombonist, as his light-hearted album, A Lindberg Extravaganza, so amply demonstrates....make no mistake, this newcomer will get your toes tapping...The RLPO's spirited Mambo, complete with vocals, is nicely done, and Cool is as jazzy as one could wish...just sample their terrific rat-a-tat delivery in the Galop from Fancy Free....The real surprise in this programme is Lindberg's genuinely symphonic treatment of On the Waterfront. Firmly focused and tightly knit, it emerges as a very powerful piece indeed...Lindberg rounds off this collection with a wonderfully relaxed and utterly idiomatic rendition of highlights from On the Town. Indeed, the dreamy Pas de deux is every bit as memorable as it is under the composer himself. Ditto Times Square, which hustles and bustles with the best of them. In short, it's a terrific sign-off to a thoroughly engaging album; it's also a fine tribute to a most interesting – and unexpected – musical partnership. So, who's it to be – Lenny or Lindberg? Frankly, I'd want both." Dan Morgan - Article

Pizzicato.lu 1/03/2018 : Ungewohnliche-spiellust  
Dieses All-Bernstein-Programm zum 100. Geburtstag des Komponisten präsentiert ein gemischtes und attraktives Programm, das vom ‘Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’ unter Christian Lindberg wirklich packend gespielt wird. Brillante Farben, großartige Dynamik und vor allem eine unbändige Spiellust kennzeichnen die Interpretationen. Lindberg geht es in erster Linie um Rhythmus und um Energie, wenn auch die Sensualität nicht zu kurz kommt.
…Lindberg dirigiert nicht, wie Zinman, einen klassisch geschönten Bernstein, mit abgerundeten Kanten, sondern geht schärfer, kantiger und energetischer an die Musik heran. Manchmal lässt er die Bläser direkt jodeln…, und das alles macht diese Produktion letztlich so ungemein attraktiv. 
Highly energetic and colorful Bernstein program, performed with an amazing playfulness. Remy Franck - Article

Resmusica 2/04/2017: Everything in clear focus : Christian Lindberg in Allan Pettersson’s Symphony Nr 14
This new release in the series of Allan Pettersson’s symphonies by Christian Lindberg impresses once again by fanatical fidelity to the score and obsessive attention to detail.
Lindberg faces some stiff competition in this repertoire, namely from the great Pettersson interpreter Sergiu Comissiona. …
However, similar to previous releases in this series, what sets this recording apart is Lindberg’s fanatical fidelity to the score and obsessive attention to detail. … The work’s opening provides a thoroughly illustrative example of the magic Lindberg conjures up with this music. Pettersson wastes absolutely no time in throwing the orchestra (and listener) into a whirling storm of contrapuntal activity. While exciting in its own right, with Lindberg everything is brought into the clearest focus: for example, listen to the exchange of sextuplets between violins and violas, the balanced, declamatory brass, and the clearly defined pitches of timpani glissandi. While Comissiona is just as exciting, numerous details get lost in the contrapuntal thicket when compared to Lindberg. Hearing the opening with such bewildering clarity is, while seemingly overwhelming, deeply illuminating.
…., Lindberg and the SON again have set the reference in this music. - Derek Ho - Full article

GoodNewsLiverpool24/03/2017: Anderson & Roe and Christian Lindberg With The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite - ..Christian Lindberg drew out every detail well and the orchestra were clearly enjoying working with him again.
SibeliusLemminkäinen suite - …Sibelius paints with orchestral colour so beautifully in these pieces that the music has a tremendously descriptive, almost visual feel, and it was here that we really got a feel for both Lindberg’s understanding of the music and the richness of the orchestra’s playing. The range from almost glacial stillness to impassioned rage was electrifying and the audience were held in rapt attention thoughout. - Nigel Smith - Full article

Resmusica 4/03/2017 : Details and the big picture: Christian Lindberg in Pettersson’s Symphony nr 5
In Petterson’s Symphony No. 5, Lindberg shaped and controlled the latent tension so effectively that the music felt deeply oppressive, almost suffocating in its intensity.
Soloist Pacho Flores picked up a regular trumpet for the next work, Lindberg’s Akbank Bunka. One of the most distinctive features of Lindberg’s music is its immediate impact and ease of accessibility. Akbank Bunka was no different. The first movement opened on a bed of glistening strings, with the solo trumpet ushering in the sunrise. The entrance of the full orchestra threw everything off track, which led the soloist to explore new, occasionally exotic landscapes. The second movement sounded at times almost anguished, while the final movement was a wild, virtuosic ride at full speed. Flores’ virtuosity was especially breathtaking in this work, in particular the rapid scalar passages which seemed to fly off with ease.
Having performed and recorded Petterson’s symphonies together for over half a decade, Christian Lindberg and the SON have this music in their blood. What has made Lindberg’s interpretations so successful in this music is not only the fastidious attention to detail but also the focus on the large-scale architecture; these aspects are particularly critical in the Symphony No. 5.
Not surprisingly, this magical formula worked wonders in this piece. Lindberg seemed to savor the hushed yet disturbingly grinding dissonances in the grey and desolate opening, yet found soothing warmth in the resolutions provided by woodwinds and low brass. …
It goes without saying (again) that Lindberg and the SON delivered the goods in this music. This was a performance that will stay with me for a very long time.- Derek Ho - Full article

OpusKlassiek Feburari 2017 : CD Allan Pettersson - Symfonie nr. 14
Eenzelfde uitdaging onderging het orkest van het Zweedse Norrköping toen Lindberg het idee opperde om de complete symfonieën van Pettersson op te nemen voor het label BIS. Een onderneming die een enorme inzet vraagt, niets opbrengt en voor zowel label als orkest een behoorlijk risico inhoudt. Uit eigen ervaring kan ik u vertellen dat de financiële risico's geheel voor rekening komen van het betreffende orkest, dat zich met zo'n onderneming flink wil onderscheiden. Maar Lindberg en zijn makkers hebben het onvoorstelbare volbracht: deze cd van de Veertiende van Pettersson markeert de voltooiïng van het instrumentale deel van het project…. , de inzet van Christian Lindberg is van een andere orde, die het verdient om als zodanig te worden gewaardeerd. Hij heeft zich niet alleen ingespannen voor deze integrale, maar ook gezorgd voor de voltooiïng van de eerste (hier besproken) en de laatste symfonie, plus de heruitgave van drie documentaires op bijgevoegde dvd's. In 2018 wordt het gehele pakket door BIS uitgebracht in een Pettersson-Box, waarbij de superieure opnamekwaliteit het laatste woord heeft. Een mijlpaal. - Siebe Riedstra - Full article

Pizzicato 17/12/2016: Lindbergs klanglich sehr farbiger Tchaikovsky
Christian Lindberg’s account of Tchaikovsky’s Trilogy shows a lot of imaginative vividness and has a brilliant orchestral sound, with well-focussed wind instruments. The Arctic Philharmonic is an outstanding band! - Remy Franck - Full article

Resmusica 19/11/2016: Commitment and confidence: Lindberg and Pettersson’s Symphony No. 7
In recent years, Christian Lindberg and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra have been tirelessly promoting, recording, and performing the music of Allan Pettersson, … The broad and gloomy introductory passage was played with confidence and polish, and glowed with a dark intensity. The following sections proceeded with almost unbearable tension; particularly memorable was Lindberg’s shaping of the percussion crescendos, which provided not only intensity, but also color.
While Pettersson’s Symphony No. 7 appears to have a somewhat episodic or sectional construction, under Lindberg’s direction this massive work seemed like a single, unbroken arch. Lindberg conducted this performance from memory, demonstrating his thorough commitment and familiarity with this work. - Derek Ho - Full article

Musicweb-International.com May 2016 Recording of the month: Christian Lindberg & Arctic Philharmonic
P. I. Tchaikovsky
Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36
…this is powerful, deeply passionate playing that gets right to the nub of this great symphony. What thrilling fanfares, and how noble those mighty climaxes in the first movement. So often I grumble about the lack of narrative in a recording; well, if Lindberg’s Tchaikovsky Fourth were a novel it would be a truly compulsive read.
…., the orchestral discipline and top-flight engineering conspire to deliver a finale that had me gasping with a mixture of delight and disbelief. Right up to the last note of that emphatic, barnstorming close Lindberg is in complete command, and the Arctic Phil respond with playing of great precision and power. Not quite recovered from the shock of that flummoxing finale I listened to it again, this time with the volume right up. I rarely use the word stunning, but in this case nothing else will do. This is the most exhilarating Tchaikovsky Fourth I’ve heard in ages; roll on the next instalment. - Dan Morgan - Full article

Resmusica 22/03/2016: Christian Lindberg brings Pettersson to Antwerp
The Royal Flemish Philharmonic brought a palpable sense of commitment and confidence to Petterson’s music.
….While performances of Pettersson’s music are quite rare, performances that transcend both the technical and emotional demands of this music are even rarer. I am pleased to report—no, I am ecstatic to report—that this evening’s performance was a resounding success on these levels, and beyond.
However, what made this performance one of the top highlights of my entire concert-going life (and I have seen many great concerts) was the palpable sense of commitment and confidence that the RFP brought to this unfamiliar music. In addition to moving beyond the work’s technical challenges, the emotional essence of this music was fully realized. The RFP should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished, and I sincerely hope that Pettersson and Lindberg will be featured with these forces again very, very soon. Bravo, and bravo again. - Derek Ho - Full article

Bachtrack 7/03/2016: Dazzling Nielsen from Lindberg and the RLPO
Christian  and the RLPO seemed to have enormous fun in this exciting programme featuring the world premiere of his intriguing Robot Gardens, flanked by works by Bernstein and Nielsen.
Bernstein’s score for the gritty 1954 film On the Waterfront, one of his few efforts in the genre, captures a great deal of the human struggle and violence of the drama. So too did Lindberg and the orchestra, who produced some explosive outbursts of sound, …After some fierce battles, Lindberg carefully engineered a heroic rise from the brutality of the suite to a stirring conclusion.
The Swedish trombonist/composer/conductor writes in his strikingly honest programme notes that his inspiration for Robot Gardens lay in reflections on his youth in the family gardens, placing it in the context of life in modern, urban Stockholm. The twenty-two minute, six-movement work for woodwind, brass and percussion was huge fun and very enthusiastically received by the audience.
Nielsen’s fifth symphony, - …Lindberg coordinated this passage, and indeed the whole symphony, with great sensitivity to the music’s shape, making for a very satisfying sense of structure. …. Lingberg’s direction facilitated playing of thrilling intensity and clarity of texture. …. Lindberg, by now on his third brightly coloured shirt of the night, jogged back to the stage several times to receive a very positive reaction from the audience. -  Rohan Shotton - Full article

The Guardian.com 4/03/2016: Royal Liverpool Philharmonic/Lindberg – world premiere of a curious ode to the urban jungle
A first outing of Christian Lindberg’s Robot Garden was thrillingly complemented by Bernstein’s evocation of the waterfront and a ferocious account of Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony. - Alfred Hickling - Full article

Resmusica 23/02/2016: Géante symphonie n° 13 de Pettersson par Lindberg
Christian Lindberg, couronné « Artiste de l’année 2016 » des International Classical Music Awards (ICMA), poursuit son ascension héroïque des massifs symphoniques d’Allan Pettersson avec la Symphonie n°13, qui en constitue un des sommets. Fidèle à sa manière, le chef galvanise les musiciens suédois pour faire ressortir les aspects lumineux et lyriques d’une œuvre qui est un avant tout un cri de rage, Mais d’une rage purifiante et, in fine, triomphante.
…, et à nouveau Christian Lindberg s’impose par sa capacité à éclairer la musique de Pettersson.
Compréhension intime du compositeur, travail acharné, énergie inépuisable et souci de mettre en avant les qualités chambristes des musiciens, telles sont les caractéristiques de la direction de Christian Lindberg.... - Jean-Christophe Le Toquin - Full article

The Dominion Post New Zealand 4/05/2015: Trombone wizardry in symphony’s performance
Christian Lindberg is regarded as the world's finest trombonist but this musical polymath is a fascinating composer and a brilliant conductor as well. This time Sandstrom's commission for the Spanish city of Caceres took us back to his zany, colourful world with a work of bewildering variety. From the opening off-stage trombone interrupting the tuning orchestra to the final moment where Lindberg places a mute into Bremner's trombone, we were treated to a musical feast of zany percussion, romantically sweeping strings, and a seemingly endless, tumbling smorgasbord of styles. Charles Ives would have loved it...both Lindberg and Bremner offering playing of numbing virtuosity. And Lindberg conducted the work as well - brilliantly - so it was no surprise the he would conduct Douglas Lilburn's Second Symphony. But what was a revelation was the quality of his vision. In the 100th anniversary year of Lilburn's birth it was fitting that this was the finest performance I have ever heard of a Lilburn orchestral work. Conducting from memory Lindberg revealed aspects of this rarely played work I had not experienced before and the orchestra played with rivetting precision and a sweeping intensity. It was deeply moving.  - John Button

New Zealand Herald, Auckland 4/05/2015 : Lindberg does Norris proud
Michael Norris' Claro is the Wellington composer's first major premiere since winning last year's SOUNZ Contemporary Award. Conductor Christian Lindberg was a major contributor to the work's success...his podium precision and pizzazz were just what was needed.
After interval, Douglas Lilburn's 1951 Second Symphony came across as of the epitome of good taste and, thanks to Lindberg, possessing a sinewy musical torso that belied its age. Back in black and conducting from memory, the Swede made a galvanizing blast of the opening Moderato. Tremolos razed and dissonant clashes were defiantly brought to the foreground...the lush tenderness of the third movement was perfectly pitched, catching the hopes that the composer held for creating a musical legacy for this land of ours. - William Dart

www.resmusica.com 6/10/2014: Lindberg sets a new reference for Pettersson’s Symphonies No.4 and 16
Every release of Pettersson music under Christian Lindberg’s guidance has set the new reference for each work in question. The Symphony No. 4  - …Lindberg’s deeper focus on the big picture while emphasizing attention to ensemble and instrumental detail make this newcomer the recording of choice. For example, listen to the impossibly delicate playing at 17:23, or the clarity he brings to the percussion during the work’s main climax at 22:02.
Symphony No. 16 - … Lindberg brings out orchestrational details obscured in previous interpretations. Listen to the chugging cellos and violas at the opening, the syncopated horns in the third section, and the excellent woodwind playing throughout.
…the most satisfying aspect of these interpretations is the utmost respect that the Norrköping SO and Lindberg give to this music. - Derek Ho

www.sa-cd.net 3/06/2014: CD Stenhammar
BIS was inspired in organising sessions for this Stenhammar disc with conductor Christian Lindberg and Belgium's Royal Flemish Philharmonic orchestra. Their collaboration has produced a marvellous disc of Stenhammar's music which should boost the composer's growing international reputation.
Stenhammar's symphonic cantata 'The Song' Op. 44 - ... A delectable miniature, played with the utmost subtlety of dynamics and inflection of line. …Lindberg and his orchestra play with the most discerning elegance and eloquence in these movements, particularly when encountering one of Stenhammar's melts into hushed, almost static other-worlds of found memories concerning his homeland. It is a pity that the principal violinist of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic is not named, for there are an unusual number of touching solos in this work….. Highly recommended. - Geohominid

www.klara.be 15/05/2014 : CD Stenhammar - Royal Flemish Philharmonic & Christian Lindberg
…o.l.v. Lindberg speelt de Filharmonie met een voortreffelijke inzet, een volle, weelderige samenklank, en met uitstekende solistische bijdragen van individuele leden uit alle groepen van het orkest. ..Christian Lindberg, die een grote vertrouwdheid toont met dit repertoire, en de Filharmonie vatten mooi de eb- en vloedbeweging van deze muziek. …Christian Lindberg en de Filharmonie brengen deze serenade met precisie (Overtura), een nauwgezette aandacht voor het kleinste detail (Scherzo en Finale) en met een vanzelfsprekend poëtisch aanvoelen (Canzonetta en Notturno). - Bart Tijskens

Warfedale Observer 14/04/2014: Conductor led Royal Liverpool Philharmonic with energy
Lindberg conducts with his whole body, baton in the left hand, conveying his interpretive wishes with sweeping muscular gestures. This conductor clearly knows what he wants from his orchestra, and gets it. ….Rachmaninov’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, in the hands of Lindberg and solo pianist Roland Pontinen, came across as pristine and modern in one of the most lucid performances of this old warhorse that I can recall.
Sibelius The Swan Of Tuonela - … Lindberg’s phrasing and careful layering of orchestral textures produced ravishing contributions …
…The austere sound world that the Finnish composer had started to explore in his Symphony No 3 in C major was evoked with gripping intensity in Lindberg’s performance. His electrifying reading pulsed with energy and was played with unbridled rhythmic vitality. The excellent Royal Liverpool Philharmonic obviously enjoyed playing for a conductor who so brilliantly connects with musicians and audience alike. - Geoffrey Mogridge

www.musicweb-international.com 14/04/2014: CD Wilhelm Stenhammar
Serenade - …. Lindberg paces it all so well and the orchestra respond with playing of great subtlety and feeling. Timbres are true and this recording gives the music a rich inner glow that’s hugely satisfying. …Lindberg gives us an evanescent reading of the Notturno; it’s delivered with astonishing finesse and, where necessary, silk-spun ardour. Sensitively shaped and dynamically sophisticated this version of the Serenade surely trumps all others; the recording is class-leading too. - Dan Morgan

www.classicalmodernmusic.blogspot.se 14/04/2014 : CD Allan Petterssen Symphony No. 9
…The performance has authority. It is most likely the definitive version for many years to come. Christian Lindberg understands Pettersson, that is clear. And the orchestra gives a heroic performance. …If you want to know something of Allan Pettersson's music, here is the ideal starting point. Or if you know him this will be essential listening. Either way it is a seminal work in a definitive performance. - Grego Applegate Edwards

Fanfare Magazine USA March 2014: CD Tchaikovsky Swanlake Suite
I find the performance unequivocally excellent. Lindberg’s firm hand serves him well in the opening movement, depicting the swans crossing the moonlit lake at the beginning of the second act, and his reading soars with an unflagging and seemingly  self-propelled momentum that is not matched by either Ricardo Muti, with the Philadelphia Orchestra(EMI) or Herbert von Karajan  with the Vienna Philharmonic(Decca). Lindberg renders the Valse with a grace and naturalness that is not matched by those two more famous conductors. Muti’s performance is undeniably brilliant but more pressured. In the "Pas d’action" the Norwegian’s orchestra’s soloist, Mikhail Simonyan, plays with simplicity and eloquence and Lindberg’s direction engenders a sense of serenity and repose that the slightly more agitated Muti rendition does not duplicate. - Daniel Morrison

www.classicstoday.com March 2014: Pettersson’s Appealingly Dismal Sixth Symphony
…Speaking of which, this is one hell of a performance (in a good sense). Pettersson makes ridiculous demands on the orchestra, especially the strings, who have to sustain the music’s unrelenting intensity virtually without interruption. Kudos to Lindberg and the Norrköping players for pulling it off so handsomely…. BIS’s typically superb SACD sonics illuminate the music’s every dark corner and crevice. This is just the antidote to a sunny day. - David Hurwitz

BBC Music Magazine Great Britain January 2014 : 4 STARS
Lindberg’s enjoyable interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth is offset by a stylish and elegant approach to the suite from Swan Lake. The Arctic Philharmonic produces some really refined playing.

www.resmusica.com 2/01/2014 : La 9e d’Allan Pettersson par Lindberg : éclairant
La Clef Resmusica  -…Lindberg suit les indications de tempo de Pettersson et réalise une interprétation qui dure environ 70 minutes . Dans la lignée des précédentes interprétations de Lindberg dans cette série, il faut entendre les détails que le chef tire de cette partition complexe pour y croire. …C’est précisément en raison de cette extrême attention aux détails que cette œuvre massive devient une suite et une évolution logique des idées, et non un long enchaînement de notes. Sous la direction de Lindberg, la musique a toujours une direction, malgré les paysages et les styles musicaux très variés au travers desquels Pettersson nous entraîne. …, la principale réussite de Lindberg est de laisser la musique parler par elle-même. La tension , les troubles et les conflits pour lesquels Pettersson est bien connu surgit organiquement de la musique si l’on suit la partition telle qu’elle est écrite et que l’on fait ressortir les nombreux détails. C’est ce que nous avons ici .…L’Orchestre symphonique de Norrköping réalise une prestation dont il peut être fier dans cette musique formidablement virtuose. Eclairant et recommandé sans hésitation. - Derek Ho

www.resmusica.com 6/11/2013 : Christian Lindberg ose un doublé Allan Pettersson à Norrköpping
…A la tête de l’Orchestre symphonique de Norrköping, il a fait preuve de son incroyable vitalité dans un programme réunissant deux symphonies d’Allan Pettersson séparées par une œuvre de sa propre composition où il accumulait les rôles de compositeur, chef, récitant et… tromboniste bien sûr.
Lindberg, grand expert de la musique contemporaine la plus exigeante, sait allier précision chirurgicale, clarté alla Boulez et souffle d’inspiration héritier de symphonies post-romantique.
Intercalée entre les deux symphonies, Kundraan and the Arctic Light voit Christian Lindberg parler aux anges et à Lucifer, engager un combat au trombone avec ce dernier, et accomplir une expérience initiatique et de sagesse. Énergique, haute en couleur, accessible à tout public grâce à ses changements constants de rythmes et d’atmosphères, Kundraan constituait une détente bienvenue, suffisamment inquiétante et dramatique pour rester en accord avec la tonalité nocturne de la soirée.
Si Christian Lindberg impressionne tant dans Allan Pettersson, c’est probablement qu’il sait relier les composantes a priori irréconciliables de la musique, la noirceur de l’homme combatif et le chant pur de l’enfant, la netteté d’orchestration et l’ampleur quasi-épique de l’écriture, une absence apparente de fil conducteur et pourtant une histoire qui se déroule avec une tension sans relâche. Une performance réalisée avec seulement trois répétitions, ce qui est une gageure. - Jean-Christophe Le Toquin

www.resmusica.com 3/11/2013: Christian Lindberg performs Pettersson Symphonies 4 & 16 in Norrköping
…In between these two works was Kundraan and the Arctic Light, written by Christian Lindberg. The piece served as a vehicle to display Lindberg’s incredible talents as trombonist, conductor, composer, and in this case, storyteller and speaker as well. Lindberg’s compositional style is well suited for the story he is trying to convey; each episode of Kundraan’s adventure was clearly illustrated and easy to visualize.
Pettersson’s music is pretty much the opposite of music that “plays itself” and it requires complete commitment from conductor, orchestra, and audience as well. Lindberg clearly knows what he wants to do with this music and his confident control over these complex scores is testament to this. - Derek Ho

www.resmusica.com 30/09/2013 : Tchaïkovski boréal et survitaminé par Christian Lindberg
Tromboniste avant d’être chef, Christian Lindberg ne prend pas de gants et il impose un Tchaïkovski puissamment construit qui avance à l’énergie. Même si la force narratrice ne renvoie pas au fatum russe d’un Mravinsky ou d’un Svetlanov, la direction du chef garde le sens de la progression et de la tension indispensables à cette partition, … L’autre bonne surprise vient de l’orchestre que l’on n’attendait pas à un si haut niveau dans ce cheval de bataille du répertoire : la cohésion d’ensemble et la qualité des chefs de pupitre sont de rang international.  - Pierre-Jean Tribot

www.sa-cd.net 25/08/2013:  CD Tchaikovsky: Symphony 5, Swan Lake suite
…There is plenty of competition in the market, and the bulk of it, in SA-CD, which avid collectors tend to follow. Lindberg's Fifth (at the moment) is a stand-alone entry to the market.  Tchaikovsky's maturity and confidence in his Fifth are what Lindberg and his orchestra communicate on this album.The result is very satisfying, with an overall sweep culminating in a fully engaged Finale full of drive and energy. On the way, there is much orchestral detail emerging from the well-engineered and transparent sonics, such as the APO's husky-voiced viola counter-melodies blazing but not overblown brass and a well-directed percussion department. The opening of second movement, with its well-known horn solo, is for many a crucial point of interpretation. Lindberg's horn (under the gaze of a conductor who is a fine solo brass player himself) sings out calmly above a resonant, dark cushion of string sound with perfect balance and steadiness. In the Waltz, the APO are full of elegance and grace. - Geohominid

www.pizzicato.lu Januari 2013 : CD Allan Pettersson Symphonie Nr. 6
….Christian Lindberg erzeugt mit seinen Musikern die packende, obsessive Spannung, die diese Symphonie mit ihrem einzigen, einstündigen Satz zum seltenen, oft mysteriöse Musikerlebnis werden lässt und einen Beweis mehr dafür liefert, wie sehr zu Unrecht Allan Pettersson in Vergessenheit geriet, nur weil er außerhalb der Influenzszene der Avantgarde komponierte. - R.F