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The Tallis Scholars
Director: Peter Phillips
Programmes 2022/2023


I. Light of the Heavenly Spheres (SSATB)

Gibbons: Hosanna
Morley: Hark! Alleluia
Taverner: Quemadmodum
Muhly: Rough Notes
White: Christe qui lux es IV
Palestrina: Agnus dei (from the Missa Brevis) Interval
Rutter: Hymn to the Creator of Light
Byrd: O lux beata Trinitas
Fayrfax: O lux beata Trinitas
Tallis: O nata lux
Isaac: Angeli, Archangeli
Josquin: Agnus dei (from the Missa L’homme armé Sexti Toni)

II. The Golden Age of Spanish Polyphony (SSATB)
Guerrero, Francisco: Maria Magdalene et altera Maria
Guerrero, Francisco: Usquequo Domine
Vasquez, Juan: Sana me domine
Lobo, Alonso: Ave Maria
Victoria, Tomás Luis de: Ave Maria (a 8)
Victoria, Tomás Luis de: Magnificat primi toni (a 8)
Victoria, Tomás Luis de: Requiem (a 6)

III. Condensed Divine Office:
Vespers, Compline, (Matins, Lauds) - Peter likes the idea of this – either the Vespers/Compline combination and/or the Matins/Lauds one, but consider both.  Each section works on its own or as a half of a full length prog with interval. (SSATB)

Continuation of the Josquin project :

I. The Armed Man and the Virgin (SATTB)
Monody: L'homme armé
Josquin: Missa L'homme armé super voces musicales Interval
Whitacre: Sainte Chapelle
MacMillan: A Child's Prayer
Gallus: Mirabile mysterium
Gesualdo: Ave dulcissima, Maria
Gesualdo: Maria, mater gratiae
Fayrfax: Eterne laudis lilium

II. Hymns to the Virgin (SSATB)
Lassus: Alma redemptoris mater
Josquin: Missa Ave maris stella
Guerrero: Maria Magdalene
Guerrero: Ave virgo sanctissima
Martin: Sanctissima
Stravinsky: Bogoroditse devo (Ave Maria)
Pärt: Virgencita
Isaac: Virgo prudentissima

Two Byrd based programmes:
Byrd: Ye sacred muses (4)
Byrd: Mass for 3/4/5 voices (Kyrie and Gloria) (7)
Byrd: Salve regina a 5 (7)
Byrd: Ne irascaris (9)
Byrd: Mass for 3/4/5 voices (Credo) (9)
Byrd: Vigilate (4)
Byrd: Plorans plorabit (5)
Byrd: Mass for 3/4/5 voices (Sanctus) (4)
Byrd: Tribulationes civitatum (9)
Byrd: Laetentur caeli (4)
Byrd: Ave verum (4)
Byrd: Mass for 3/4/5 voices (Agnus) (4)

Taverner: Leroy Kyrie
Taverner: Quemadmodum
Byrd: Ad dominum cum tribularer
Byrd: O salutaris hostia
Tallis: O salutaris hostia
Tallis: Te Deum 'for meanes'
Byrd: Laudibus in sanctis
Sheppard: Pater noster
Sheppard: Jesu salvator seculi
Tallis: Jesu salvator seculi
Tallis: Miserere nostri
Byrd: Miserere mei
Byrd: Tribue domine